Travel Grant - up to $0.70/Km

ACPA wants to encourage its member clubs to host as many events as possible and in order to ensure maximum attendance to those events, the association has decided to offer each of our member clubs access to a subsidy to allow players to travel to ACPA events within Alberta.

Please car pool as much as possible, it will be easier on the environment and on our budget.

Terms and Conditions:

Your claim must be submitted within 6 weeks of the event.

Access your online subsidy application form HERE

The full name of the driver and all the participants in the vehicle must be supplied on the application form.

Eligible participants are: competitors, coaches, managers, referees or event volunteers.

The maximum amount per eligible vehicle will be pre-determined by the distance of the host club from the visiting club's home city. See below for the official distances.

As of October 2016, the rate per kilometer has been established starting at $0.10 per Kilometer per person, to a maximum of $0.60/Km.
Also, we have added a special bonus of $0.10/Km if a boat trailer with the club's own equipment is used to attend the event.

The grant amount will be sent directly to the participant's club with the details of the monies paid, and the club shall be responsible to distribute the funds as it sees fit to any of its members who used their own vehicle to participate in a remote event.

The event must be an ACPA approved event as listed on this web site.

The established round-trip distances for claims are:

Grande Prairie to Ft McMurray: 1500 Km
Grande Prairie to Edmonton: 920 Km
Fort McMurray to Edmonton: 890 Km
Edmonton to Innisfail: 360 Km
Innisfail to Sundre: 140 Km
Innisfail to Calgary: 240 Km
Sundre to Calgary: 260 Km
Calgary to Pincher Creek: 430 Km
Calgary to Lethbridge: 420 Km
Calgary to Canmore: 210 Km
Pincher Creek to Lethbridge: 250 Km
Lloydminster to Edmonton: 500 Km

In cases where the trip consists of multiple legs, the total distance of each leg will be added together to come up with the total distance to be subsidized.