$ 500 - Winter Event Hosting Grant

ACPA encourages its members clubs to host as many events as possible in order to provide as many paddling opportunities as possible.

In support of that goal, we are offering our member clubs a grant of $500 to help them cover pool expenses incurred to host events.

Terms and Conditions:

Each club can only access this grant once per year.

The event must be submitted to A.C.P.A. before the deadline of October 1 so the event can be listed in the sanctioned winter events calendar.

For an event to qualify for the hosting grant, the event must be an A.C.P.A. sanctioned event and there must be a documented participation of at least 3 of the A.C.P.A. clubs.

The event may be in any format like 3 on 3, 4 on 4, half-pitch, Yukon style, I.C.F. rules, full pitch, youth, or any combination thereof.
The format must be declared at the time of request for sanction.

The host club must supply original receipts for their hosting expenses no later than six weeks after the event, and supply a detailed participation list showing the players names and the name of their home clubs, plus the names of all volunteers and officials who were not playing.

Eligible hosting expenses are comprised of pool rental only.

NOTE: If the total costs of the event cannot be reasonably covered by the registration fee, and a significant loss is projected, more than
$ 750, then a special application must be submitted to the board to request coverage of the deficit at least 6 weeks prior to the event.
A full budget for the event must be submitted at the time of the application, and original receipts must be submitted within 6 weeks after the event, if the financial support has been approved.
* * No funds will be paid without proper receipts * *