$ 1,000 - Equipment Grant

ACPA is committed to supporting the growth of Canoe(Kayak) Polo in Alberta and in order to allow our member clubs to grow, we are offering 8 annual equipment grants of $1000 every year which can be used to acquire the equipment required to popularize the sport in their operating area.

Terms and Conditions:

Only ACPA member clubs can apply, once per year, for one of the 8 annual $1000 grants, with the first 5 will be awarded on a first come basis.
The remaining 3 grant applications must be received by ACPA at the latest by October 1st of each year and the best 3 applications will be awarded at the A.G.M., with any remaining applications automatically placed in the queue for the next fiscal period in the order they were received.
Grants will be awarded at the discretion of the ACPA executive board members based on the club's needs, activities and growth potential.

Each grant application shall contain a detailed budget for the use of the funds.

All clubs awarded a grant shall supply original paid receipts for the proposed equipment acquisitions before any of the monies will be disbursed to the clubs.

A priority of acquisition will be applied, such that top priority will be assigned to equipment which will serve the greatest number of participants, top priority being given to helmets with face mask, balls, nets, floating boundary lines, paddles, PFDs and spraydecks.

Polo boats, floating wharves or score boards, or any other major purchases should be handled via Community Initiative Program grants which could be leveraged with our equipment grant becoming part of the matching funds.
ACPA will help member clubs apply for such grants.