Fitness Training Camp

From: Keegan Smith
I have arranged for Scott Forbes (Sr. National team Polo, Ex national team sprint, PhD. candidate in exercise physiology.) to conduct a weekend training camp focused on physical fitness training.

It will include ideas on developing a long term training plan, and on
structuring your work outs for efficacy. You will learn how to properly execute a large array of exercises, and will receive a printed generalized training plan.

The camp will cost $60 and is open to current and prospective members of the U21 Women's Canoe Polo Training Squad. It will be held in Sundre and billets may be available. We plan to do it November 20 and 21. (But let me know asap if that is a bad date and perhaps we could reschedule.)

Please distribute this invite as you see fit, we'd love to see you out here.

If you are able to help by offering billets or offering to help with meals, please let me know.

Keegan ksmith [at] mancroft [dot] ca
(403) 638-2039