Hosting Grant - Revised

Great news !

The executive has decided to modify the ACPA event hosting grant so that it can better support our proposed provincial winter league.

The association will now guarantee to pay directly for the pool time,
up to $ 1000, for any affiliated club hosting one event only during the winter 2011. A pool invoice must be supplied, and the invoice amount, or $ 1000, whichever is less, will be paid immediately at the event.

Conditions are:
- the club must be, or become, affiliated before Dec 1/2010
- the event must be placed on the ACPA calendar before Jan 1/2011
- the event must have a minimum of 2 divisions, novice/youth being one of the division

There are already 3 ACPA sanctionned events scheduled for the 2011 season:
- Nov 27/10 - EWP Fall Provincial Recreational Tournament
- Feb 18, 19, 20/2011 - Cup of the North
- April 3011 - EWP Spring Provincial Recreational Tournament
At least 3 more events would be nice.

All above events are eligible for the ACPA travel subsidy to affiliated club members who travel to attend sanctioned events.

To book an event, or to join ACPA, contact admin [at] AlbertaCanoePolo [dot] com