News arising from 2010 AGM

Good news for all canoe polo players in Alberta, the association will be focusing even more of its resources towards supporting year round activities for its members clubs.

A new program to support some informal polo sessions amongst clubs will hopefully lead to many more polo sessions becoming accessible for canoe polo players in Alberta.
Under this new program, each club can claim for up to $ 500 per year to pay for pool time specifically aimed at 2 member clubs sharing the same facility for some recreational polo play outside of the sanctionned event schedule.

Also, there has been some resources made available to run a one hour officials clinic before each major sanctionned event, the host club would get $250 to offer this session. There is a plan to schedule a couple of day long courses for would-be referees, one course being run in the north and one in the south, with a program to track the refereeing efforts of individuals leading to a provincial recognition program. Details will be announced once we have the program in place.

It has been recognized that we need to offer some more intensive programs to our young paddlers, of Summer Games age, in order to push their overall fitness and their skills towards higher levels. Some announcements in this direction should be forthcoming in the near future, including some "youth only" tournaments.

In order to facilitate the province-wide participation in all sanctionned events, the association will also financially support the rental of group accommodation by the host club of any sanctionned event so that the participants do not have to drive through the night in order to go to or return from an event, depending on the scheduled time of the event.

A change of policy will affect the rate for the travel grant, since it was decided to reduce the maximum per kilometer rate to $0.20 for private vehicles carrying 2 or more participants so that more travel can be covered by the same dollar amount. The other change in the travel program is that the $ 500/year/club budgeted amount will be combined into one pool of funding so that the more remote and active clubs can better take advantage of this program.

The association's executive has been directed by the membership to negotiate and acquire some older polo boats which would be lent out to the member clubs for local use in their local polo programs and training sessions.

Finally, we are glad to announce that the additional board positions have been filled, with the Director for Club Development being filled by Carol Janigo and the Director for Competition being filled by Rick Janigo. The responsibilities of the Director for Officials Development will be assumed by Dale O'Brien.

Look for more announcements and details for support programs to come out in the next few weeks.