$ 750 - Event Hosting No Loss Insurance

A.C.P.A. is aware that many smaller clubs can be hesitant to commit to host an event for fear that the event will generate a deficit.

In order to reassure them, the association will pay up to
$ 750 for any sanctioned event to go towards any generated deficit.

The money will be paid against pool costs only with the submission of a full accounting of the event's revenue and expenses, original receipts for the pool rental and a full participants list with names and their club membership, as well as a full list of non-playing volunteers and officials.

NOTE: If the total costs of the event cannot be reasonably covered by the registration fee, and a significant loss is projected, more than
$ 750, then a special application must be submitted to the board to request coverage of the deficit at least 6 weeks prior to the event.
A full budget for the event must be submitted at the time of the application, and original receipts must be submitted within 6 weeks after the event, if the financial support has been approved.
* * No funds will be paid without proper receipts * *