Floating Net Loan Program

A.C.P.A. wants to ensure that every club which actively plays polo during the summer time has access to one set of good quality floating nets.

The association will pay for the building of top quality floating nets to be lent, on a long term basis, to any club making a request.

The floating nets will remain the property of A.C.P.A., and the club will need to pass a motion to document this fact as well as to sign an agreement.

Each club which gets a set of nets will be wholly responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the nets to keep them in good repair, including any promotional signage which the association may deem worthwhile to display.
The club will also be responsible for the safe winter storage of the nets.

The value of each set of floating nets is approximately $ 2,000.

The association reserves the right to control the rate of distribution of the floating nets, with the most active clubs getting first consideration for this program, with an emphasis on youth development programs.